Want To Know How To ROCK On The Guitar?

  • Want to be able to play the songs you love?

  • Do you want to be able to play and improvise great solos?

  • Need to improve your rhythm playing?

  • Want to play in a band and impress your friends?

  • Would you like to write and record your own music?

  • Want the ability to learn songs by ear?

  • Want to understand music theory and know how to use it?

If you answered "yes" to any of the above then you have come to the right place. You have the capability to learn and do any of those things plus more, and I will dedicate myself 100% as your instructor to ensure that you reach your goals!

Arvada Guitar Lessons has a variety of programs of private and group classes to fit any student's goals, schedule, and budget.  

"Since taking lessons with Alex I
have felt more motivated to practice
and to really get better."
"I didn't think guitar would be so easy.
Alex is just a great teacher."
-Nick Adams, 18yrs old, 6 months of lessons -Jack Moretti, 10yrs old, 1 1/2 years of lessons

11 Reasons To Take Guitar Lessons With Me

  • You will get results and get them fast!  Your goals and you reaching them is my top priority.
  • You get accurate information communicated in a clear and thorough manner.
  • You will constantly feel motivated to achieve success.
  • No "one size fits all" lessons here; with a variety of lesson programs available, together we can choose the program(s) best suited for your needs.
  • Not only will you learn accurate information, but you will also be shown the best way to practice it.
  • The rate at which you learn will be faster than ever before.
  • You will learn the right things in the right order.
  • Lessons will be fun, full of value, and there is a variety of different projects you can partake in.
  • Because you will be learning from a professional in the music industry you will learn things only a pro can know (most guitar teachers are not pros).
  • You will get more for your money than any other teacher or store in the area guaranteed.
  • Many of my students have become advanced players after taking lessons with me.
"I really like the approach he takes.
He makes it personal and relate able,
and I like how I can ask him questions
and he'll answer anything."
"The thing I like about Alex
is that he starts with a
ground up approach."
-Taylor Brooks, 15yrs old, 2 1/2 years of lessons -Adam landman, 40yrs old, 2 years of lessons

Additional Benefits

  • I have full recording capabilities ready for you to use for your own music and learning.
  • I offer a discounted rate for adjustments and repairs on my students instruments.
  • Most lesson materials are typed in detail and printed out to reduce spending time in lessons writing things out; this also prevents you from forgetting the information.
  • You can learn from me even when not in lessons by reading my free articles and watching my free instructional videos available through my online forum.
  • 24/7 online support on my website is available to all students where they can ask questions and have them quickly answered by myself and my more advanced students; you will also be able to network with other students and share your music and videos.  Being active in this will motivate and drive you in way that no other learning tool can!!!
  • I provide students (those who are ready) with music business opportunities with everything from getting their own students to getting shows, and sometimes working for me.
  • I spend a lot of additional time working on your projects, typing up custom lessons, and planning for future topics of discussion.
  • Even though I am "the teacher", I understand that there are always ways to improve ones self and ones methods.  I am ALWAYS thinking about and researching for ways to improve lessons and lesson material.
  • Best of all I make myself available by e-mail to answer any questions my students may have in between lessons.
"Lessons with Alex have phenominally
increased my abilities on the guitar
as well as my knowledge of music."
"I like taking lessons from Alex
because not only do I learn guitar
from him, but he also gives me
advice on other subjects in my life."
-Brandon Bloom, 19yrs old, 2 years of lessons -Sam Kessler, 16yrs old, 6 years of lessons

What You Can Learn In Your Lessons With Me

  • How to play your favorite songs
  • Lead guitar technique
  • Rhythm guitar technique
  • Music theory
  • Improvising
  • Songwriting
  • Ear training
  • Performance
  • Music business

You will receive all the tools you need to reach your goals!

"I like having Alex as a teacher because
I can connect and relate to him well,
and he keeps me focused."
"Alex gives me examples to help me
understand how to use the techniques
I learn, and uses my skills as an
artist as a comparison for learning
Zack Thomas, 16yrs old, 5 years of lessons -Katy Schmelzer, 16yrs old, 4 years of lessons

*To schedule a lesson you must click the red button above that says "Click Here To Schedule Your FREE lesson NOW!" which will direct you to a form that you will need to fill out.  In the form you will provide information on your current guitar abilities, musical goals, and your contact information.  I will review the form, and will be in contact with you within 24hrs to schedule a free introductory lesson with you.


More Testimonials

"What I like about lessons with Alex
is that he explains the topic until I fully
understand it, and he can explain it in
more than one way to make sure I get it."

-Nick Schumacher, 23yrs old, 2 1/2 years of lessons


Watch this video compilation of my students and hear what they have to say

"What I like most about lessons with Alex is that I learn about music theory and composition."
-Ryan Zarrillo, age 16, 3 years of lessons

"Alex is a very calm teacher who does not only provide me with information, but also shows me how to use it...and he is cool."
-Angelica Rodriguez, age 14, 2 ½ months of lessons

"Alex doesn't just teach you the song he teaches you what's behind it."
-Jordan Bohme, age 17, 8 months of lessons

"I appreciate Alex's patience, and that he teaches me how to practice in a way I haven't been taught before even after 10 years of piano, and it works for me."
-Kim Nix, age 26, 8 months of lessons